Vote Your Conscious AND Subconscious!

By 2035, You Can Vote Your Conscious And Your Subconscious!

When the hunger for democracy had reached its peek in 1776, our Founding Fathers introduced the Declaration of Independence. They envisioned a government of the people; a representative government.

But the only reason to have representatives is because the whole of the United States population cannot personally appear in Congress to debate the issues. Moreover, many citizens in those days were illiterate – incapable of reading a bill, let alone casting their vote.

Today, some people suggest Americans could simply use the Internet to represent themselves. Ordinary citizens would propose legislative initiatives, and then a massive online vote ratifies the bill into law or leaves it defeated at the keyboard.

Security is a major flaw in the online government concept. Citizens might be inclined to vote more than once, other countries may potentially gain access, or those without Internet service might not be able to vote at all.

By 2035, however, nanotech brain injections – a combination of nanobots and stem cells – may allow the rank and file population to appear in Congress on their own behalf, from the comfort of home, while asleep.

The small, half-biological, half-technological devices, stripped of our current understanding of software, are safe in comparison. Their Internet connection, provided through a Frequency Modulation similar to how mice communicate with one another, is encrypted based on a DNA private key system.

Though many people are terrified of the robotic brain cell concept, it will be an easy pill to swallow in twenty-four years. The slippery slope of human improvement has produced a shocking path, from mercury in our teeth to archaic medical practices scarier than a Rob Zombie movie on acid.

Technological pros and cons aside, imagine the consequences of voting with the subconscious. If you shopped for clothes using only your subconscious, it is quite possible outfits would be bizarre (a desk instead of a shirt for instance), the wrong size, or clothes shopping bypassed altogether when the brain jumps to another thought process.

Of course, there are some who – from looking at elected officials – feel we are already voting in our sleep. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to be sure.

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  • Neil McIntyre

    Incredable! Your interests will take you well beyond 120 yrs, I`m sure of that!

  • http://Website Neil McIntyre

    Ive even extended the life span to around 130 yrs, thinking inside & ouside the box , can only take you into the far distance future , and you will follow , in real life accordingly. Good health & good luck from Neil McIntyre = Australia.