Psychology: Baby in the Box

The wonderful thing about science is it comes in many forms. Sometimes the tangents are lifelong adventures, while others are short bursts of curiosity that take us down a path just long enough to experience the world in a different way.

For example, I find the easiest way to explore psychology is by writing short stories with characters that exhibit the modalities I am studying at the time. How better to understand an affliction than to research it, talk to people who admit to having it, and then write a story wrapped up in its limitations?

Such is the case with Baby in the Box, now available on Amazon Kindle.

Description: Two people, not right for society but perfect for each other, find love in a moment. And then the moment is gone, leaving the lovers oblivious to its absence. The product is a nameless baby, the most popular kid in town. His life, an evolution of the moment; a slow-motion ending to a pulp fiction.

Baby in the Box is a short story written in a synoptic, easy-to-read style. From start to finish, it takes less than an hour to meet the characters, watch them fall in love, then witness a whole town attempt to make the best of a living situation. Will they succeed… or do the clouds turn dark and rain a psychological puddle of secrecy and torment? Read more…


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"A psychological achievement." - AJ Magnan
"Episode One hits the ground running with a bizarre murder and rarely pauses for a breath moving forward." - Daniel Wimberley
" are left on a knife's edge." - Ian C Rouse
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Aaron K Smith is quite possibly the most curious person on the planet. He finds no comfort in the casual answers, but rather seeks a deep understanding of everything around him. Follow Aaron @mrgadflybuzz