Official Trailer! No Family For Cannibals – Episode One

I am very excited to announce “No Family For Cannibals – Episode One” is now available. Included with its release is the official trailer, which you can watch now on

Aaron K Smith’s new book “No Family For Cannibals” available now!

"A psychological achievement." - AJ Magnan
"Episode One hits the ground running with a bizarre murder and rarely pauses for a breath moving forward." - Daniel Wimberley
" are left on a knife's edge." - Ian C Rouse
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About Aaron K. Smith

Aaron K Smith is quite possibly the most curious person on the planet. He finds no comfort in the casual answers, but rather seeks a deep understanding of everything around him. Follow Aaron @mrgadflybuzz

  • Mr. Jer

    Just finished reading “No Family for Cannibals, Episode 1″ LOVED IT!!!! Can’t wait for Episode 2. This is the first piece of work that I have read of Aaron K. Smith’s and am an immediate fan. If you are interested in a good murder mystery with a twist, then this is a definite read. I’m currently looking for more to read by Smith, I am hopefully anticipating that others will catch me from the first page the same way Cannibals did.