Apple TV, Social Investment, & Bio Binary

If you hang around me for any length of time at all, you know I love to make predictions about the future.

To come up with my predictions, I use observation models, statistics, equations, and daydreaming. They are usually a little bit crazy and a little bit accurate.

Some of my predictions end up as articles, either on this blog or in some other publication, while others remain simple lists in a timeline format.

Here is both a brief article-style prediction and a timeline list of predictions.


All TV is Apple TV – Eventually:

Shortly after the first iPhone hit the market, I got a sneak peak of Microsoft’s Surface computer and I made a prediction. It was my contention that soon, the computer we use most, would be in our pocket. It would have a built-in screen like the iPhone, but would transfer wirelessly to a bigger screen, such as our monitor at work or our TV at home (though I thought touch screen and voice control would be everywhere by now).

Then, Apple came out with Apple TV’s AirPlay mirroring feature, which does exactly what I predicted. I then made a new prediction, and that is Apple would aggressively target the TV market starting in 2012.

In fact, in my models, a significant part of Apple’s plans depends on televisions more than cellular data and phones. Your iPhone is nothing more than your personal cloud communication device. Everything else is a feature of that larger picture.

Now there is [official] movement in the industry that looks like Apple is going to make a run for the TV market. In my opinion, that is precisely the reason Apple is amassing so much liquid capital. They need the funds to ensure a dominant position in the TV market.

For Apple to get a foothold, they have to beat goliath Samsung, who now sells more smartphones than Apple does, but uses their TV income to pay for the landslide. Apple will either out-sue or flat-out buy Samsung’s television division for the lead.

Putting Samsung out of business isn’t an option. Samsung innovates and manufactures much of the technology in which Apple has come to depend. By 2015, Apple will have a 15% share in the Television market, dominating it at over 48% by 2020.

As a result, you will be able to walk up to any screen and interact with the device in your pocket, not to mention the cloud in the sky. And because Apple will own the market, “television” will be a relative term: your microwave door, the windshield in your car, and a condensed high-gravity plasma field may all be called TV.

Predictions Timeline Style:

By 2018, Walmart will lose [or entrust] a controlling portion of its stock to a social media investment pool. Just picture a Farmville-like investment environment.

By 2020, one of the largest U.S. restaurant chains will be a food service company that offers animal-free meat, 100% identical to the real thing, but manufactured in a lab, grown without a consciousness.

By 2024, we will see a true biological binary. Think of it as a hybrid language able to reproduce inside a mechanical or biological host at an exponential rate. Users will be able to interface with the device or organism (one’s own body), able to communicate on a molecular level.

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